WATCH: Dad making baby laugh for first time will make you giggle too

Daddy makes baby laughOne of the most beautiful sounds you will EVER hear as a human being is the sound of a baby laughing. Oh yeah, that's true! And if you are a parent, the sound of your own baby laughing for the first time will make you so happy, you will do anything you possibly can to keep that baby laughing. There is just something so unbelievably magical about a baby's laughter, it's a thing of beauty and pure joy.

You have got to watch this video of a father making his baby laugh for the first time, it is so fabulously wonderful that it makes me laugh and tear up at the same time.


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The baby in this video is 3-months-old and starts laughing at the dad and the dad looks like he won the lottery and is getting paid in baby laughter. Daddy loves the wonderful laughter so he keeps at it and before you know it these two are both laughing hysterically and it is contagious.

The video is a little over two and a half minutes long and it had me at the first baby laugh-squawk, which pretty much happens right away and then the look on the father's face and the sound of his voice makes such an impression on me because that is sheer unadulterated love, joy and amazement. I have no doubt these two are going to spend a lifetime loving each other and making each other laugh.

Watch this, it'll be good for you!

Image via YouTube

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