Breastfeeding selfies: Do or don't?

breastfeedingDid you take selfies of yourself breastfeeding? Why? Why not? In a time when everything and everyone is on social media, it should come as no shock that women are now documenting their time breastfeeding with selfies. I know many of us over 25 generally find selfies to be narcissistic and frivolous, but as someone who had a very difficult time breastfeeding my own daughters, I can tell you that every moment of it was precious to me. Social media may not have been what it is today, but even then, I snapped photos of myself breastfeeding my daughters.


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You see, when I had both of my daughters, I never produced enough milk. I had to supplement and wear a SNS system to feed them: part breast milk and part formula. I am sure that looking at us, it probably looked quite comical--me hooked up like a dairy cow with tubes and lines and a container of formula dangling around my neck but those times spent looking down into my daughter's eyes as she looked back into mine, were precious and priceless moments. We bonded in those shared moments alone together. I never wanted to forget the feeling of unconditional love and willing sacrifice that we all have for our children. We submit to them and give them all of us.

That is why I snapped my photos. Sure, it was only the top of her head and the top of my breast because, let's be honest, it's hard to take a selfie while breastfeeding but I can look at that photo and be transported right back to that moment. I can smell her sweet baby smell and hear those coos and sounds that babies make only when they feed and it makes my heart very happy to know we shared that, even if it wasn't easy.

This is why I think that so many women are snapping these beautiful moments of motherhood and posting them on social media or just keeping them for themselves. It's not about exposing your breast or over sharing, it is about capturing a fleeting moment of motherhood that we all know is gone much too quickly.

We've been documenting pregnancy, labor and birth in photos for quite some time now. Snapping photos of mothers breastfeeding their children is just the natural evolution of the process of motherhood. I think it is a beautiful way to capture one of the most intimate moments shared between a mother and child; a moment no mother ever wants to forget.

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