SEE Kid's drawings have crazy consequence for his dad

PassportsYou guys, I have got to show you a passport like no other! I am laughing hysterically at the plight of a Chinese man who is stuck in South Korea all because of drawings his 4-year-old son made all over the his passport.

I have a feeling that you will laugh too when you see the drawing because I'm sorry, but it is too funny. Are you ready for a hearty chuckle?


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Child draws on father's passportLook at that, it is hilarious! The kid drew animals, people and gave his daddy a makeover. The problem is that now the dad is stuck in South Korea because authorities say that he no longer matches the photograph on the passport. They have warned that in all likelyhood the father will not be traveling home with his son or the rest of his party.

I'm pretty sure the father did not hand his passport over to his kid and say, "Here you go, deface it, have at it!" What happened is that the kid, like any kid, grabbed a bunch of paperwork that he found and started drawing all over it because that's what kids do and usually it's no big deal, but not this time.

I feel terrible that this child's innocent action is causing so much trouble though and I think I have the perfect solution. Authorities could just have the child draw all over the father's face so that he does match his newly enhanced passport image. No?

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