Baby spas are the latest ridiculous parenting trend

As we all know, babies lead super stressful lives, what with all the napping, nursing, and being held and rocked by every adult within a 2-mile radius. I guess that's why some ridiculous person in Houston, Texas thought it was absolutely crucial to open a spa just for infants, called Float Baby. That's right, parents ... baby spas are a thing now.


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Apparently, Float Baby opened in February and offers two main treatments: hydrotherapy, which requires the baby float in a little pool of "purified" water for about 20 minutes with a flotation device around their necks and neonatal massage, which is performed by the parents under the guidance of owner Kristi Ison, a certified instructor of infant massage. Each visit costs $65 and discounts are offered to parents who book multiple sessions.

OK, I can't be the only one who finds this utterly ridiculous. Massage for babies with medical conditions or something like that is one thing ... but this? Not only do parents have to pay the fee of $65 for a baby massage, but they also have to conduct the massage themselves. Can't they just do that at home for free? Not to mention, seeing those kids floating in the pool with those things around their necks is super creepy! I'm pretty sure if my mom tried to strap one of those around me when I was an infant, I'd have thrown a supersized tantrum.

So why exactly would anyone do this in the first place? Ison maintains that floating in the water touts benefits special health benefits, such as increased strength. But Dr. Claire McCarthy, a pediatrician who talked to Today, says, "I don't think this is necessary, and I think that babies can get the same health benefits from active play at home with their parents--with the additional bonding benefits, and for free." think?!

In any case, I really hope this doesn't become some sort of a new trend. Busy and overworked moms and dads already spend most of their time, energy, and money on their babies as it is. Which is as it should be ... but if anyone is getting a massage, it should be them!

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