10 Signs you are in a soccer-obsessed family

soccer familySoccer crazy? Who? Us? No way! That's what I say to anybody that hasn't been in my house. Once people visit, I know it's impossible to keep up with the pretense of normalcy. I doubt there are many other homes in America where there are as many soccer cleats as regular shoes. The kids own seven different models of soccer balls and the mom (me) is the biggest collector of the stickers for the World Cup Panini Album.

However, I know we are not alone. In my kids' soccer academy I have met parents as crazy as us. I even know of a guy who is going to Brazil with nothing but his backpack, not even a hotel reservation--and all with his wife's blessing.

What about you? Are you a soccer crazy family? Read on to find out if you fit any of these signs...


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1. Your kid doesn't want to go to camp because he wants to watch the World Cup games and you think that's amazing.

2. You and your husband take the last two weeks of the World Cup off, just to be able to watch all the matches.

3. You changed your cable provider to be able to watch all the games in real time and access special features.

4. You all have the jerseys of your national teams and, of course, team USA

5. You talk about the main soccer players as members of your family. Messi, Neymar and Cristiano are mentioned at least once a day in your household.

6. Instead of discussing celebrities or fashion, you and your girlfriends debate who is the hotest soccer star, with input from your hubbies.

7. Your husband blew the vacation budget on a 70-inch TV and you are totally okay with it, because, well, el mundial

8. In your house, any talk of Shakira is as Gerard Piqué's girlfriend.

9. Half of the social media accounts you follow are of soccer stars or commentators.

10. Nobody in your home would consider doing anything social from June 12 to July 13, unless it means going to a friend's house (with a TV as big as yours) to watch El mundial or there are no matches going on.

Can you relate?

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