Mexican breastfeeding campaign angers & alienates regular moms

camila sodiThere is constant controversy over breastfeeding and Mexico decided it was their turn to encourage women to take part in the act. However, their attempt to put out a campaign in defense of breastfeeding fell flat and instead offended women's health groups in Mexico City. When you see the campaign images, you'll understand exactly why it pissed them off.

Even one of the celeb models, Camila Sodi, who posed for the campaign is outraged by the message and I can't say I blame her either!


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The campaign released by Mexican Health Officials shows Sodi, female boxer Mariana "La Barbie" Suarez, and actress Maribel Guardia, among other famous Mexican celebs, posing topless with a banner covering their chest which reads, "No les des la espalda, dale pecho." Roughly translated it means, "Don't turn your back on them, give them your breast."

breastfeedingWhat upset women everywhere is that the creators of the ad chose to sexualize the campaign with toned half-naked women. They even have Guardia posing topless with her teen son standing behind her as she promotes the message that you should breastfeed because it keeps your child healthy.

Sodi expressed her outrage on her Twitter page and wrote: "I am hysterical over the breastfeeding photos! I nursed for a year and a half and I don't support breastfeeding with plastic surgery!"

It's bad enough that the breastfeeding ads appear inappropriate, but the messages added along with the posters are offensive to mothers everywhere too! The statements sound as if they are intentionally guilting women to breastfeed otherwise they're bad moms. This doesn't sit well with those who physically can't or choose not to breastfeed.

According to statistics, Mexico ranks very low when it comes to breastfeeding mothers. This is due to poor nutrition caused by poverty and working new jobs which prevents them from having time to pump milk. The country has high rates of obesity and breast cancer which health officials say can vastly improve if women breastfed.

I understand that there are many people who are gung-ho about breastfeeding, but that message is not going to be taken well if you are blaming the moms themselves for not doing so. It doesn't help either using unrealistic depictions of women since the majority do not have bodies close to what the ad had resembling new moms. Hopefully the next campaign Mexico releases is less offensive and uses REAL moms as opposed to actresses who have been surgically helped to look that perfect.

Image via Sria. de Salud CDMX/ Camilasodi/Twitter

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