Latina mom in HUGE trouble for standing up to her daughter's bully

Mom arrested for confronting the wrong bullyDelia Garcia-Bratcher is a mother from Northern California who is in all kinds of trouble for confronting a 12-year-old boy at Olivet Elementary Charter School in Santa Rosa that she thought was bullying her daughter. She allegedly came to the school on Friday, asked her son, who also goes to the school, to point out who the bully was and then according to Garcia-Brather she confronted the boy about calling her daughter a "dirty Indian." She says, "He just said, 'OK.' He was real polite and walked away." I'm thinking Garcia-Bratcher thought that was the end of that, but the thing is that it seems that she may have confronted the WRONG boy and she was arrested on Saturday for inflicting injury on a child because school staff photographed red marks on the boy's neck!


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Garcia-Bratcher says she was about three feet away from the boy when she confronted him and that she did not touch him. She did not follow school sign-in policy, so she did break an administrative rule, but she adamantly believes that she has every right to protect her daughter.

"We are unable to determine if any bullying ever occurred. We don't know if this kid bullied this girl at all," said Sonoma County sheriff's Lt. Steve Brown. "It looks like he did not. We can't find anybody to say that he did."

As for the red marks on the kid's neck. All the witnesses are children, no adults saw what happened, but there are those pictures of the red marks on the kid's neck.

Right now Garcia-Bratcher is out of jail on $30,000 bail. Her lawyer Ben Adams says,"I don't know what the DA will charge her with, and if they do, we will absolutely fight it vigorously every step of the way."

And I'm sorry, but this is why it's not a good idea to confront someone else's child without their parent, guardian or some kind of authority figure present. Yes, by all means if you witness your child getting bullied in the moment, do something about it, stop it and if your child tells you they are being bullied, do something about it as well, but don't march right up to the kid especially when you don't even know who the kid is and confront them on your own because you could find yourself in a whole heap of trouble.

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