sleeping inTell me I'm not alone when I say that all I want for Mother's Day is sleep. I can't possibly be the only tired sleep-deprived mami out there. I say we all band together and find a way to trick our kids into letting us sleep in on Mother's Day. I mean really, it's in everyone's best interest to have a well-rested mother.

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Here are five ways to trick your kids into letting you sleep in on Mother's Day because just telling them never works!

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Bribe them 1

Bribe them

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Yes, the custom is that it is mothers who recieve gifts on Mother's Day, but what if getting your kids a bribe will guarantee that you can sleep in longer than usual? I'm all for it. I can't tell you what to bribe your kid with because all kids are different, but I have a feeling you will figure it out. The trick is that they know about the bribe, but can't have it until after you have been allowed to sleep in.


Set them up 2

Set them up

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Kids get hungry in the mornings and they expect to have moms at the beck and call of their hunger. Look at this great idea my friend came up with: It's a cereal bar. You can set it up the night before and empower your kids to feed themselves in the morning. Win!!!


Let the TV babysit 3

Let the TV babysit

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Yes, I know we are told not to do that, but it is Mother's Day, for crying out loud. Get the kids a stack of DVDs and give them full reign of the biggest TV in the house.

Threaten their father 4

Threaten their father

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Your kids may not listen to you, but you can use your womanly wiles on their father or threaten to withold your wiles. Let him know how much you want to sleep in and how much he will be missing out on if he doesn't make that happen...wink...wink.


Send them away 5

Send them away

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Oh relax, it's not forever. Just send them away overnight to abuela's house or something and then pick them up on the way to brunch.