Dad takes son to soccer game just HOURS after he was born!

Think you're a big soccer fan? I bet you have nothing on Anthony Roach, a British dad who is making headlines after bringing his baby son to an English soccer match on Saturday afternoon--just hours after he was born! Yes, I said hours.

Roach's girlfriend, Rebecca, apparently went into labor four days earlier than expected, on Friday evening--which just happened to coincide with a game involving in favorite team Torquay United. So right after the 29-hour labor (!!) and just half an hour after the couple and their baby were discharged from the hospital, he drove straight to the match, taking his newborn son, Arlo, with him. Um ... is he crazy?!


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Apparently, Roach only stopped to drop off his exhausted girlfriend at home before heading to the game. He actually managed to arrive at halftime. Jeez, I guess we should be relieved he even paused to drop that exhausted mom at home, given how fanatical of a fan he obviously is. Although I can't help but wonder why didn't he leave little Arlo (seen here) at home too?!

Well, according to the Torquay Herald Express, this was the team's final game before they were bumped down to a lower league and the dad was determined to share the experience with his son.

OK, here's the thing: I'm a BIG soccer fan. I get the manic need to know what's happening with your team at all times, I really do. That being said, this is going a little bit too far. I mean, you can't take your hours-old baby to a crowded stadium filled with other people! All of that noise must have been so overwhelming. Plus, doesn't this couple realize how dangerous that could be?! Just think of how many germs there are there that could've infiltrated his not-yet-developed immune system.

In any case, I'm glad the baby's OK. I just hope he really does grow up to like soccer because I have a feeling there's going to be a heck of a lot more games in his future!

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