WATCH: 4 Things you should NEVER do with breastmilk

breast milkSeriously?! I am in shock after watching what this woman did at work. The video does not come with an explanation or anything so I have to make up my own. The video was taken at a shared workplace kitchen. The kitchen has what appears to be a communal fridge. You see a woman walk in to get a cup of coffee and open the fridge to get some milk, she shakes the carton to see how much is left in there, she pours some milk into her coffee and then what she does will blow your mind!!!


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This lady hikes up her dress and manually expresses breast milk into the milk carton. WHAAAAT?! She's got a thong on and the flattest abs EVER (I might be a teeny tiny bit envious that she looks so good) and is very deliberately squirting breast milk into the container. Why would she do that? Not the thong and flat abs part, the expressing milk part, I mean.

I'm thinking maybe it is her own personal stash of milk and she is sick of coworkers sucking it up without permission, so she decided to mark it with breast milk to show them! Check it out:

Now that you have seen that insanity, here is a list of things you should NEVER do with breast milk.

1. You should never feed your coworkers breast milk without their knowledge. You have no idea if they are breast milk intolerant. I'm kidding, but only about the breast milk intolerant part.

2. You should not microwave breast milk. Microwaves can destroy the nutrients in the milk.

3. Do not save used bottle for a later feeding. Once the baby has fed from that bottle, that milk should not be used for a future feeding, 

4. Do not add fresh milk to a container that has frozen milk already in it. You shouldn't mix the two.

So you gotta tell me, why you think that woman did what she did?

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