Elsa Pataky is giving the world its first look at the newest addition to her family! A month after welcoming twin boys with actor husband Chris Hemsworth, the 37-year-old Spanish model took to Instagram to post an adorable snapshot of herself cuddling one of their newborn sons. And it's so sweet, you just have to see it. Check out the photo after the jump.

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As can be seen in the heartwarming picture below, Pataky is topless as she cradles her little guy close to her chest. And though all we get to see of the infant is his tiny head poking out above a warm blanket, I think the look on Pataky's face says it all. Now that is an expression of pure, unadulterated mother love!

Pataky and Hemsworth, who were married in 2010, welcomed boys Tristan and Sasha in late March. The couple also has an older child, daughter India, who will be turning 2 years old this month.

Doesn't this photo just melt your heart?! Pataky and Hemsworth have always been one of my favorite celebrity couples, as they both seem to be so down-to-earth and clearly prioritize their kids above everything else (as all good parents would). It's great to see her enjoying this time with her twin boys. She's obviously in a state of utter bliss bonding with her babies (sidenote: How GORGEOUS is she? She's not wearing any makeup in this picture and still looks like she just walked off some photo shoot).

In fact, she's so happy in her mommy role that she's even started sharing some personal advice on everything from nursery decorating to swaddling on a blog for Spain's Glamour! Pretty awesome right?! Check out her most recent photo of her snuggling her baby, along with some more family snapshots from her blog:

Image via Getty Images

Elsa Pataky cuddling twin 1

Elsa Pataky cuddling twin

Image via Elsa Pataky/Instagram

Clearly, cuddling her babies is a top priority for Pataky!


Newborn feet 2

Newborn feet

Image via Elsa Pataky/Instagram

Pataky previously shared this adorable photo of her boys' teeny tiny feet! Aww!


Elsa Pataky stroller 3

Elsa Pataky stroller

Image via Elsa Pataky/Instagram

Pataky is clearly an amazing mom. Here, she stops to pose while pushing her stroller in a park. Is that little India we see running ahead of her?!

Twins nursery 4

Twins nursery

Image via Elsa Pataky/Instagram

The mom proudly showed off her decorating skills in this adorable photo taken in the twins' nursery.


India 5


Image via Elsa Pataky/Instagram

I can't believe India is about to be 2 already! "Happy to enjoy the beach with my little princess!" Pataky wrote alongside this adorable photo of her daughter.