6 Indoor rainy day activities for the whole family

Being forced to stay indoors because of rainy and gloomy weather is enough to make anyone stir-crazy. But that doesn't mean you have to resort to sitting in front of the TV all day to ward off boredom! There are plenty of fun and get-moving family activities that'll keep both you and your kids entertained. Check out six indoor rainy day activites below: 


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1. Indoor treasure hunt: Keep your kids' day lively by creating a treasure hunt right in your house! Make a set of clues for each player, leading them to each item and eventually, the "treasure"--which could be anything from a small new toy to candy or even a couple singles, if you're feeling generous.

2. Camp Inside: Just because you can't go outside doesn't mean you can't enjoy an outdoor activity inside. Just grab the whole family and turn your living room into your own private campsite--one without the bugs and mosquitoes! Get step-by-step instructions here.

3. All-room obstacle course: Turn your house into a giant obstacle course! Some of the "obstacles" could be running upstairs, crawling under a table, grabbing one item from the fridge, etc. Finish by collapsing on the couch--whoever reaches it first wins! 

4. Hide and seek: This classic game is a favorite for a reason. It's simple, requires no extra tools, and one the whole family can enjoy.

5. Family dance party: Burn some energy by turning your living room into your very own dance floor. Just put on some of you and your kid's favorite upbeat tunes and jam out!

6. Fashion show: Turn your home into your very own runway by having your kids play dress-up and swap clothes! Plus, it'll probably make for some adorable family photos.  

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