5 Ways the world would be better if Latina moms ruled

latina momLatina moms rock. I am a mamá Latina, and I am probably a little partial, but I think Latinas have some very strong opinions and ways of parenting that seem to lend themselves to raising kids who are respectful hard workers who have an appreciation for life. It's no secret that Latina moms are passionate about everything they do, especially when it comes to their children. Not that I am saying other moms don't rock parenting, but I think there are things that Latina moms do that we could all take a lesson from. Heck, I think the world would be a better place for all of us if Latina moms ruled the world. They'd be like super heroes with a chancla in one hand and a hug in the other.

 Here is why I think Latina mamis could rock the world.


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There would be world peace. Peace would be inevitable if Latina moms ruled the world because if anyone started to fight, the Latina mom would lock them both in a room together under threat of the chancla if you didn't work it out.

Cynicism and disrespect would be a thing of the past. No self-respecting Latina mom would tolerate a kid who talked back or sassed her. Nope, she would have taken the chancla to the situation and that would have been that.

There would be no hunger or homelessness and there would also be no obesity epidemic. A Latina mom has never met a baby, kid or adult that she didn't want to feed, but as soon as she sees you gaining weight, she has no problem telling you with tenderness, "Mija estás gordita." And as long as your mamá Latina is alive, you've always got a home, even if you got a little panza.

People would let go of hurts, pains and grudges. A Latina mom would have uttered the magincal "Sana, Sana" and you couldn't help but be happy because you know no matter what, your mamá has got your back. Growing up and now with my girls, there is nothing quite so soothing as your mom holding you on her lap, kissing your forehead and rhyming away your booboos, be they physical pain or heartbreak. 

The planet would be cleaner. The mamá Latina knows how to clean her house. When I used to visit my abuelita in Mexico during the summers growing up, she hand-washed clothes, got down on her knees (and we were required to join her) and scrubbed the floor a la Cinderella and she even swept the dirt in front of her house. It sounds crazy, but her house was cleaner than anyone's and you didn't even think about leaving socks on the floor or garbage at the table. Abuelita had a strict clean up after yourself attitude and I think the world would be a better place if we all adopted that philosophy.

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