3-year-old fashionista toddler has a bigger shoe collection than you!

amelia milson-mcQuillanOne of my favorite things to shop for are shoes. That might make me a stereotypical woman, but shoes never have me leaving the dressing room crying because they didn't fit. However, I learned of a toddler who at the age of three already has a bigger shoe collection than mine. Meet Amelia Milsom-McQuillan, who has modelled for popular children's shoe line Start-rite before even attending school.

You'll never believe how many shoes this girl has. I'm sure Carrie Bradshaw would have a field day in her closet!


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Her mom, 27-year-old Gemma Milsom-McQuillan says that Amelia has loved shoes since she can remember. "Even as a baby she used to play with mine and my partner Sarah's shoes and put them on to teeter up and down the hall at home," she explained of her daughter's shoe obsession. The mini model already has a bright future ahead of her as she's walked down the runway and starred in photoshoots for Start-rite.

As a true fashionista, the toddler already has 35 pairs of shoes in her closet and believe it or not, pays them all on her own. "All her pocket money and any gift vouchers she's given as presents goes towards her shoe fund," her mom explained.

So does she favor any shoes over the others? "At the moment she adores the Disney film Frozen and so any shoes that look princessy go down a treat." Gemma said. But she recalls that little Amelia's love affair with shoes began with a pair of her own. "Her favourites were my red stilletoes and I'll never forget her tottering around in them and almost breaking her neck," the mom recalled describing her going-out shoes.

I'm amazed that a child at this age has herself this put together! Not only does she pay for shoes with her own money, but she already found something she has a passion for and can do as a hobby. It sounds like her mothers also have a good head on their shoulders and although their daughter is naturally good at modelling they want her to have a separate career in mind. Whether she continues pursuing modeling or actually becoming a doctor, I can tell that little Amelia is going to be a success one day!

Image via Gemma Mcquillan/ Facebook, Dailymail.co.uk

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