Gael Garcia Bernal's wife smokes weed in front of kids

dolores fonzi gael garcia bernalMost celebrity moms would probably shy away from talking publicly about their affinity for weed…but not Gael Garcia Bernal's wife, Dolores Fonzi. New reports claim that the Argentinean actress and mom of two recently told the magazine THC that she's been smoking marijuana for two decades and even does it in front of her children!

"I've been smoking for 20 years," the 35-year-old said, according to El Mundo. "At the time, I used it to open up and as this has already happened, now I use it to relax. It's like a glass of wine that we taste."  And that's not all she admitted to!


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Fonzi went on to say that she goes about her day, but uses marijuana to "break with everyday obligations." 

"I use it to read, to see movies or sleep. They [my children] see it and realize that it is not a common cigarette," she reportedly said. Fonzi also said she plans on speaking openly to her kids, who are currently 3 and 5 years old, about her marijuana usage one day and tell them about her personal experiences so they can form their own opinions.

"I wouldn't stimulate or suppress them," she allegedly told the magazine. "They can find their own way."

The interview is a sharp departure from the usual reserved manner Garcia Bernal has when talking about his personal life. 

OK, I know that she's not the only parent out there who smokes weed. Still, if this is really what she said, I can't help but be taken aback by just how forthcoming she is about it. It'd be one thing if she admitted that she smoked (we all know marijuana is a less dangerous drug than many), but the fact that she has seems to have absolutely no shame to doing it in front of her kids…well, I personally find that troubling, especially since she says they've noticed what she's doing.

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