SEE: Dad's EPIC photobomb of daughter's prom picture is iconic!

Chizik's photobombFormer college football coach Gene Chizik has become an internet sensation for photobombing a pre-prom picture of his daughter Landry and her 17-year-old prom date, Jerod Dickey. The teen couple were headed to the Auburn High School, in Alabama for the prom festivities and had some pictures snapped before the big event as is the custom. I'm sure all the pictures are lovely, but the most memorable one has got to be the one that Gene Chizik photobombed. It's one of those pictures that is worth TWO thousand words and lots of understanding groans from fellow fathers of teenage girls.

The picture was taken by Jerod's mother, Jeri Dickey, and with Chizik's permission tweeted to Phil Lutzenkirchen, a former football player who played on Chizik's national championship team. The caption reads, "@lutzenkirchen You think my son will come home from prom alive? #Chizz." The internets loved the picture! Ready to check it out?


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Chizik photobombHahaha, tell me that's not hilarious? FYI, it was all done in good humor. Chizik looks foreboding and threatening in the picture, but he's not dangerous. It supposedly came about because Chizik accidentally got in the background of one of the photos being taken and his wife Joanna joked that he needed to stop "photobombing" their daughter. Chizik did stop photobombing, but not before getting this last one in. It's a keeper!

It may all be in jest and I'm sure Chizik is fond of Jerod who has been dating Landry for a few months, but I bet any dad out there sees the truth behind this joke. I have no doubt that when the time comes for our daughters to date my hubby may have a big smile on his face, but on the inside he is going to be rockin' the same look that Chizik has in the photo. Classic, to say the least!

Image via JeriDickey/Twitter


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