WATCH: Dad hilariously learns you just can't reason with babies!

As every parent knows, there's just no reasoning when it comes to dealing with babies. You can't talk them out of crying or waking up in the middle of the night, no matter how hard you might try. Well, it seems one dad recently learnt that important lesson the hard (and hilarious) way.

As can be seen in the super funny clip below, a father gathers laundry from a drying rack that's set up on an outdoor balcony while his toddler stares at him from inside the apartment. As the dad talks to him through the glass doors, the baby (who can't even speak real words yet) babbles back as if trying to convince his dad to let him out on the balcony too. The whole thing is so adorable, it's guaranteed to make you smile. Check it out after the jump!


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The video, simply entitled "You can't reason with babies," was uploaded to Reddit by the boy's uncle and has already garnered over 515,000 views. Though it's only a little over a minute long, that's more than enough time to make anyone watching laugh at the hilarious "conversation" between father and son.  You can just tell that the baby is desperate to get out there with his dad! Seriously, he's not even really talking, but he sure sounds convincing.

So does he finally succeed in convincing him to go outside?

Watch and find out for yourself below:

Image via YouTube

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