WATCH: Little boy leaves girl in tears with his fly dance moves

Mamás of little boys come in close, I want to tell you something you really must do for your little boys to set them up for a life of romantic success. It is super important and guaranteed to work. Are you ready for this? Teach your boys to dance or encourage their already natural dance abilities because girls of all ages love boys who can dance and will flock to those boys, will fight over those boys, will be brought to tears by those boys as those boys happily dance through life and I have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt.

You've got to watch this video of a little boy who isn't even into girls yet causing a scene between the ladies because of his dance moves.


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The video is so funny to me because I believe similar scenes will repeat themselves throughout this boy's life. This boy is dancing all by himself and having a great time when a little girl in a pink coat runs up to be his partner. In the background you see another little girl in blue start to cry because the boy is in the company of the pink coat cutie. The girl crying is about to walk away and let it be, but instead decides to stay and fight for twinkle toes. I won't tell you how it ends.

You know you have totally been to parties where some dude you NEVER would have paid attention to gets on the dance floor and works it and all of a sudden you are like, ahem...who is that hottie and how do I get to dance with him? The opposite is true too, some hot guy you've been checkin' out all night gets on the dance floor and moves like his feet are made of concrete and his arms are having muscle spasms and all of a sudden, he's really not that hot at all.

This is how it all starts.

Image via YouTube

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