WATCH: This baby is saying "thank you," but it sure doesn't sound like that!

Toddler says thank you videoI can't tell you how many times my kids have said something, but mispronounced it in such a way that I thought they said something VERY different. I know this happens to all parents and some words really lend themselves to be mispronounced as four letter words by littles learning to talk. For example the word "fork." I'll tell you the story of my eldest daughter and the word fork in a second, but I have to tell you why that memory came to mind.

I haven't thought of that moment in a long time, but it came rushing back to me when I saw this hilarious video of a 1-year-old baby named Lloyd trying to say "thank you." It's awesome and you have to watch it.


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Okay, back to my fork story: I turned all kinds of shades of purple when my eldest daughter was learning how to talk and kept asking me for a fork one day only it sounded like something VERY, VERY inappropriate. The worst is that I had to keep asking her to repeat it until I could figure out what she wanted. Being that we were in the kitchen and she is my daughter as opposed to us being in a dive bar and her being a drunken dirty old man trying to pick me up, I was able to put two and two together and figure out that all my darlin' wanted was a fork to eat her food with and not a ... well, I can't even bring myself to say it because she will always be my baby and what I thought she was saying is all kinds of wrong.

Now, little Lloyd in the video mispronounces the word "thank" and makes it sound like the same obscenity that my daughter made fork sound like. Lloyd's garbling is even funnier though because it has the word "you" after it. How great that his daddy caught it all on video for posterity. Check it out!

Image via YouTube

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