When's the earliest you can get your kids thinking about college?

Whether you currently have a toddler at home or you've found that the years have flown by and you're now parenting a high schooler, you should be proactively preparing your child for a lifetime of learning. For most people, that means college is on the agenda. Now, I'm not saying that you should be spending tens of thousands of dollars on private preschool tuition in the hopes that your child will one day attend Princeton (though, if that's your choice, so be it); what I am saying is that from toddlerhood onward, there are ideas and practices that you can institute that will help your child be mentally prepared not only to be accepted into the college of his choice, but to be successful once he gets there. 

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Read on for our age-specific tips for preparing your kids for college.

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Add Comment How old are your kids and have you started thinking about college?
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Add Comment How old are your kids and have you started thinking about college?



My boys are 8 and 15,

and I have talked to them about college.  


They are 8 and almost 5 and we have talked about going to college :)


My son is 10 and we have talked about college.


My youngest graduates from high school in about 2 years so we have talked about it.


My kids are 7 and 3. I have introduced  the concept of college to my 7 year old. 


Alexander is 13 and Olivia is 11. There is a college in upstate NY that currently offers a program for high functioning autistic children that we are considering for Alexander and Olivia wants to attend SUNY Albany for their school of nanotechnology. 

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