5 Dangers of letting Abuela babysit

cost of abuela babysittingWhat I wouldn't do to have my mother at my beck and call for babysitting? My mami lives too far away to be a go-to babysitter for my girls, so it is not an option. Abuelas are awesome babysitters because they love your kids and they do it for free.

The thing is that abuela babysitting does come at a cost. The price has nothing to do with money. You'll have to pay in a different ways.


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Here are five problems that can occur when abuela babysits:

1. Your kid develops an addiction to telenovelas that are not age appropriate and can't go to bed without finding out if fulana de tal is going to go through with the fake pregnancy.

2. At snack time you hear, "Abuela always gives me pan dulce and champurrado at snack time. How come you only ever give me pretzels and string cheese?"

3. Hmmm, you could have sworn that your little girl did not have pierced ears when you handed her over.

4. Your baby's head gets shaved because abuela is convinced that will give baby a thicker head of hair.

5. Your child no longer thinks you are the best cook in the world because the truth is that Abuela is a way better cook than you.

In the end, Abuela's love and care is so worth it. I love seeing my mother interact with my children and I would let them watch all the telenovelas in the world if it meant that they got to spend more time with her.

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