#babysuitingDoesn't it piss you off how under-dressed most babies are? I mean they think they can crawl around in diapers and drool and call it a day. Well, I'm sick of it and think babies need to start dressing like they mean business or I'm not going to take them seriously. I'M KIDDING!

Do you guys remember #babymugging? If you missed it, it is the hilarious act of photographing a baby and making it look like the baby is inside of a mug. Seriously, if you missed the whole trend, please take a look at our #babymugging post from last year because the pictures are a must see. The whole baby mugging idea is the brainchild of Ilana Wiles and now she's conjured up another wonderful baby photographing internet craze called, baby suiting, which involves putting a baby in the suit of a full grown man and the results are HILARIOUS!


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I'm telling you, Anne Geddes has nothing on Ilana Wiles who is a mother, blogger and meme-creating sensation. Check out these wonderful baby suiting pictures and be warned that you will have the urge to grab the nearest baby and stick them in a suit.

Image via MommyShorts/Instagram

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