WATCH: Dad tries tricking daughter into promising she'll never have a boyfriend

little girlDads know that when they have a daughter they will do everything in their power to protect them. It also seems that no matter what their age, they will always be daddy's little girl. Fathers are especially hesitant when their daughters show interest in the opposite sex because we all know the only thing on boys brains.

One dad took it upon himself to make sure his daughter promised him she will NEVER have a boyfriend. So does it go according to plan? We'll let you decide...


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The dad  is seen in the video calling his daughter who couldn't be older than 5 and asking her to repeat after every word he says. However his kid is no dummy and knows where it's going. The dad almost gets her to promise him that she will NEVER have a boyfriend.

Needless to say it seems that this dad has pulled this little scheme in the past because upon catching on, she shrieks "NO!" Her reaction cracks me up because it sounds like something I probably would have said to my dad if he tried to trick me the same way.

The dad's attempt to keep his little girl untouched from scummy men reminds me of a hilarious comment my boyfriend makes about his hypothetical future daughter and dating. He always says he's going to send her to the convent to avoid having to deal with this issue. 

Ha! Well, we'll see who ends up winning that battle. Check out this dad's sneaky trick below!

Image via YouTube

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