15 Signs your child's life has been taken over by the computer

Our children were born in the electronic era and using these devices comes natural to them. Yes, we bought them their first computer and gaming console. We read the instructions and taught them how to use them. We showed them their first internet video and we even celebrated each time they passed to a higher level. But why does it feel like we've gone too far? How do we know how much is too much?

Well, you may want to start by checking out the following 15 signs that your child's life has been taken over by the computer...


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1. Your library card expired a long time ago.

2. Your child is not longer interested in spending the day at the local bookstore.

3. Your child turns down play dates because his friend only likes to play with toys.

4. Suddenly "PewDiePie" and "Lohanthony" are the new members of your family.

5. Your child ended a friendship because the other kid destroyed her village on "Minecraft".

6. Your family's dynamic changed the moment you bought a membership to "Animal Jam".

7. You stopped hearing your child talk about her friends, instead she talks about who got hacked.

8. The conversation at dinner evolves around virtual pets, dens, diamonds, trading etc…

9. The only movies your child wants to watch are the ones on YouTube.

10. Your child's idea of "down-time" is to plug her ears with headphones in front of the computer.

11. You hear your child laughing hysterically from the other room, when you inquire about the joke, she says: funny videos mom!

12. You put your foot down and send your child to read something. She grabs the e-reader.

13. If when you say "no games during school days," she suddenly wakes up extra early on weekends (while you're still sleeping) and dashes off to play on the computer.

14. You are happy your child picks up photography as a new hobby until you realize how long it will take her to upload the pictures and curate her new photo blog.

15. You regret the moment your child was mentally kidnapped by the one-word
social media monsters also known as: Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and Facebook.

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