Lots of moms enjoy sharing photos of their kids on social media sites, but Laura Kasperzak takes her Instagram snapshots to a whole other level. The New Jersey mom and yoga instructor likes to capture herself practicing yoga with her young daughter and son--and the results are simply stunning!

Kasperzak has been sharing the fitness-happy photos for a while now, but they only just went viral online, bringing the number of her followers up to an impressive 700,000. And once you see the pictures, it's easy to see why. Check some of them out after the jump!


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As can be seen below, most of the photos on Kasperzak's account capture the mom in various (sometimes complicated looking) yoga poses by a glass door, with either her son or daughter attempting to mimic her or practicing their own pose on the mat nearby. All of the photos are beautiful and shot really well, not to mention heartwarming (her kids are so cute!).

But what I love the most about these pictures is that they demonstrate how she's instilling these healthy practices into her kids in a fun way. Hopefully, because they started at such a young age, they'll keep it up and continue to maintain a fit lifestyle as a family!

Check out some of her photos below:

Image via Laura Kasperzak/Instagram

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