WATCH: Hilarious musical video of what parents really think of snow days

Snow Day: The Musical videoHa! I just watched a very funny musical video put together by the Holderness family of Raleigh, North Carolina. It seems that they, like many other families with kids, have been getting way too many robo-calls announcing snow days. While the children love it when school is cancelled due to snow, the parents ... not so much. 


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Well, on February 12, Penn and Kim Holderness along with their two children received yet another snow day notice. What did they do? They enlisted the help of their 13-year-old neighbor, Ella, on camera as well as another neighbor named Donnie who braved the inclement weather and drove, to create a video that most certainly shows exactly what snow days are like for both parents and kids. You've gotta see the results.

Can I say that as clever and impressive as I find the video, what really impresses me is Kim's eye shadow? Girlfriend is in a bathrobe making her first cup of coffee of the day and she's got on perfect eye shadow. I can totally live with the Holderness family being able to kick my butt when it comes to video creation because well, they've had lots of practice and even have a production company called Greenroom Communications, but what's my excuse when it comes to killer eye makeup? I'm thinking she needs to do a video tutorial of how she manages to get her eyes done when the kids are home for a snow day. I want to look that glamorous first thing in the morning.

Kim Holderness

In the meantime, enjoy Snow Day: The Musical!

Images via VisitTheGreenRoom/YouTube

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