Teens seem to come up with more and more stupid things to do all the time. The latest craze is called NekNomination, a drinking game that originated in Australia and it has spread like wildfire thanks to social media. In essence, teens are given a crazy drinking dare and once they complete it they get to nominate someone else. 

Like Kieren Hunter, whose dare involved filming himself downing what could have been a fatal combination of whisky, vodka, rum, Southern Comfort and sherry. His mom found him passed out with vomit all over himself and thought he was dead. 



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When she realized he wasn't, she decided to post the photo you see here to Facebook not only to embarrass him, but to warn other parents about the dangers of this stupid trend.

Sadly, this is not the only dangerous fad teens seem to think is cool. In case you didn't know them, I share with you the 15 most dangerous teen trends all parents need to know.

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