Mother's unbelievable gift to son saves his life

gift of lifeI am sure that most mothers would go to extrordinary means to save the life of their child. However, unlike 26-year-old Rabia Anjum, most mothers are not often faced with having to put their own life at risk to save their child. Anjum and her husband Zuaib who live in the Bronx, New York had a beautiful baby boy named Jahanzaib last year. After the baby was born, the couple found out that their son had a rare condition, Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestatis, which is hereditary and causes rapid liver failure. The baby was placed on a children's transplant list, but when his condition got so bad that his eye's were jaundiced and he was crying yellow tears, Rabia took matters into her own hands and gave him the gift of life ... again. 


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Since Rabia's liver was a match, this courageous mother offered up 15 percent of her own liver to be transplanted into her son. What?! I didn't even know it was possible to donate part of your liver.

As complicated as this procedure would be for both mother and son, it was further complicated because Jahanzaib was born with Sidus Diversis, meaning his organs were on the opposite side of where they would normally be.

On December 4, both mother and son underwent surgery at Montefiore Hospital. Now, two months later, they are both doing well. Such good news!

Someone give that little boy a huge hug for me and someone give that mama the biggest pat on the back ever for what she did to save her child, and to the medical staff that treated them a HUGE round of applause.

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Did you know it was even possible to donate part of your liver?


Did you know it was even possible to donate part of your liver?

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on Mar 3, 2014 at 7:56 PM
Im jahanzaib dad and thanks for sharing a article about my wife and son thank u
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