SEE Little boy get super emotional listening to "Say Something"

You know how some songs just hit you on an emotional level? They get right to your core with their truth and resonate in a way that somehow makes so much sense. How old were you the first time that you remember a song doing that to you? I don't remember the first time it happened to me, but I kinda sorta wish I did.

That's why I find this video that Mark Blitch took of his 4-year-old son Jackson listening to the song "Say Something" by a Great Big World and Christina Aguilera so touching. This is a child who presumably has not experienced any great love-loss and somehow he is still so affected by this song. His reaction really is just about as moving as the song is.


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If you've never heard the song, it is most definitely a tear-jerker. The sound of it is enough to pull on your heartstrings, but if you listen to the lyrics and apply them to what you have lived and experienced, then forget about it, you are a goner.

What's so cute about Jackson's reaction is that even though the song brings him to tears, he loves it and does not want his dad to switch it off. He even gives his dad a thumbs up to let him know that he is okay. This kid has got an old soul and it's a romantic one to boot. I love this child and I think you will too after you watch the video.

You've got to see his reaction.

Image viaMark Blitch/YouTube

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