Toddler SelfieI'm reading articles about toddlers who are afflicted with selfieism or the love of selfies. I know mine are. My kids love taking selfies with our cellphones and they know they can see the pictures immediately, so of course they want to.

Remember back in the day when you would take pictures with actual cameras and you wouldn't know what the picture looked like until you got it developed? Yeah, kids nowadays don't have that and it actually kind of confuses some kids if you use an old-school camera where they can't see a digital display of the photo that was just taken. So because we're always looking for something to worry about when it comes to our kids, experts are being asked what the downside of all this selfie taking for toddlers is and you know the experts found a downside because there is always a downside. Are you ready for it? 


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Deborah Best, a professor of cognitive developmental psychology at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem in North Carolina says about toddlers taking selfies: "They like things immediately, and they like it short and quick. It's going to have an impact on kids' ability to wait for gratification." I agree, but so does a microwave. I'll tell you what, there was a time I thought microwaves were amazing, now I stand in front of them going, what's taking so long?

Another worry is that if we have so many dang photos of our kids, each individual photo will be less precious. Blah! I don't buy that. My memory since having kids is crap. I don't think I will ever stop appreciating each and every saved photo I have of my kids and I know one day when they grown up, they will treasure them too.

Look at these random #toddlerselfies I rounded up just by searching the hashtag. I don't even know these kids and I love lookin' at their cute pics.

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