It is often said that stay-at-home parents have one of the hardest--if not, THE hardest-- job in the world. And no one captures that better than Chris Illuminati! When Illuminati quit his job back in 2010 to take care of his newly born son, he decided to document the day-to-day adventures of raising his child…on Post-It notes!

Why Post-Its? Apparently, Illuminati used to post the sticky memos all over his desk to remind himself of tasks at his job and figured the same organizational method could work for recording anecdotes about his son, lessons he's learned about parenting, etc. The results are so funny, they had me laughing out loud!


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As can be seen in the photos below, Illuminati leaves the notes all over his home for both himself and for his wife to see. Some of them include suggestions ("No other company has destroyed more happy families than Ikea. They should offer cheap meatballs AND marital counseling."), while others are simply observations ("The baby laughing alone in the back of the car at nothing in particular goes from adorable to creepy after a couple miles"). 

But no matter what the notes read, each one seems be funnier than the last! And even more importantly, I think every parent would agree they give a hilarious and accurate portrayal of the experience of raising a child.

Luckily for us, Illuminati has shared all of his Post-Its with the rest of the world.  Check out some of my personal favorites below:

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