Polar vortex: A family survival guide

snow manThe polar vortex has made me a prisoner in my own home and the inmates have taken me hostage. If you live anywhere in the country, more specifically in the Midwest, you too have been freezing your collective derrieres off. The polar vortex has brought with it freezing cold temperatures, high winds and an inordinate amounts of snow leaving most of us confined to our homes.

Since about day 12 of winter break, I have been counting down the days until school was back in session. I had visions of order and quietness dancing in my head and then I got the call Sunday, no school. Snow day! All schools closed! My heart sank. It's like expecting to go to Disney world and instead ending up at the pediatrician's office. It was disappointing at best. Because how are we supposed to survive an endless winter break? You know, you can't miss a child unless they go to school all day so that you can actually miss them.


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Here is a family survival guide of how our family is surviving the polar vortex:

Outdoor activities for the entire family: While sledding, snow angels, snowball fights and snow man building are the obvious choices, why not try something new and exciting like throwing caution and boiling water to the wind, squirting super soakers and blowing bubbles. Yes, these are things I would have never thought of if it weren't for the Internet and my insane case of cabin fever. Might I recommend that if the weather is below zero, forget about the sledding, snow angels and snowball fights and stick to the peeking out the door and throwing boiling water or blowing bubbles?

Movie marathons and pajama days: My girls could do this all day, everyday. Hit up Netflix and find something the entire family can watch. Dawson's Creek, Ugly Betty or Gilmore Girls marathon, anyone? Or bust out your favorite Disney movies. I would strongly suggest you steer clear of any Dora, Barney or Calliou marathons lest you become suicidal.

Bake! My girls love to help me cook and bake so we have taken to making granola bars. It's healthy, they love it, I get to show them how to bake something and I love watching how excited they get about the entire thing plus homemade granola bars rock my socks off.

Throw a dance party: Get up off that couch and stop outing. The kids are home and they are only young once so suck it up, mama. Turn on some of your favorite tunes and let's get this party started. Hey, it's also a brilliant way to stay warm.

Give up: Last but certainly not least, giving up. Just give up and turn yourself over to the moment. You will enjoy it a lot more if you focus on the small moments and silliness of children laughing than if you fight it.

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