Meet the worst dad of 2013 (VIDEO)

kid running in front of carOkay, so sometimes I just don't react to things like other people do. For example right now there is a video getting a lot of attention and upsetting people. It's a video shot by a dad, who makes his kid who appears to be all of maybe 5 years old run next to a car (that the dad is driving), while yelling invectives and encouragements for that kid to run, and referring to whole thing as "football training." I know it sounds terrible and I will admit that it's not great, but it doesn't bother me for the same reasons it seems to bother everyone else and I'll tell you why.


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As someone with a wicked and twisted sense of humor, I really want to give this dad the benefit of the doubt and believe that he wasn't actually taking this "football training" seriously and that he filmed it because he has a bad sense of funny and an even worse sense of safety. 'Cause if you listen to his tone of voice, even when he's cursing at the kid, he doesn't sound all that mean, he sounds like he's amused. "This is how we train for football," the father says to the kid. "Daddy drives while you run. Get your little ass in shape."

So while I think it is asinine to make your kid keep pace next to a car you are driving, I really want to believe that this was a one time thing the dad did as a "joke" so he could learn to videotape while driving because who doesn't want to know how to do that? What really aggravates me about the video is that he shouldn't curse at his kid even if it is meant to be encouraging and if he's going to anyway, he should at least use the British "arse" because it sounds more dignified than ass. Also, a child should run in appropriate footwear (not Crocs). Then, a father should never drive a car behind his child like the father does at the end of the video, especially while operating a video-recording device, I mean that's just an accident waiting to happen. All the kid had to do was trip and something really bad could have happened, like the dad could have dropped the videocamera or oh yeah, run over the kid.

Other than that I don't see what the big deal about the video is, I mean it's just a dad cursing at his kid and endangering HIS LIFE with a vehicle, all in the name of football. At least the kid is getting exercise, right?



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