WATCH: Everything you need to know about parenting in 60 seconds

Anyone who has had a child knows that every parent goes through a lot of highs and lows--ones that are unlike anything else you've ever experienced and are basically impossible to replicate anywhere else, let alone in a one-minute commercial. But this newly-released and incredibly sweet Coca-Cola ad somehow manages to do just that ... and you just have to see it to understand how!


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The ad, which originally aired in Argentina and has quickly gone viral, manages to perfectly capture the entire essence of parenthood in just 60 seconds by following a couple as they adjust to to their life as a first-time mom and dad. Viewers get to watch their entire journey--from the thrilled reactions the moment they find out they are expecting to the subsequent craziness that is becoming a real-life parent.

First come the sleepless nights that everyone who has ever had a newborn remembers. Then, it's the struggle to adapt to all little things, like sharing your bed with your child and bringing 300 bags just for a simple trip to the park. Next, it's the equally-as-exhausting chasing after your toddler stage. In this commercial, the baby pulls stunts like eating out of the dog's bowl and pulling a tablecloth down, shattering dishes in the process. In another incident, she causes a minor freakout after she seems to disappear for a while until a parent finally finds her hidden away in a cabinet. Ha, I think every parents been there!

And the cycle continues on like that, until the commercial comes to a close with a surprise ending that will make you want to hug your kids close. Check it out below:

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