WATCH: Dad puts 25 years of Christmas mornings into 3 adorable minutes

The best part of Christmas for many parents is watching their young kids run to the tree in excitement in the morning and seeing their thrilled faces when they catch a glimpse of the present waiting for them! So it's easy to understand why one dad decided to capture that exact moment--not once, not twice, but for 25 YEARS in a row!

As can be seen in the amazing compilation below, the father first started filming his then-young kids running down the stairs on Christmas Day 1985. He then continued to do the same thing until 2009, when the "kids" were fully grown adults (pushing 30 years old!) before putting all the footage together ... and the end result is so incredible and heartwarming, you just HAVE to see it!


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The clip, which was made in 2010 but has gone viral this week after being posted to Reddit, shows pretty much the same routine: the siblings down one at a time, hopping or sliding down the stairs. The only difference, besides some cameos from pets, boyfriends and other relatives, is their reactions to the camera. When they're younger, they clearly couldn't care less about being filmed and simply want to get to the presents. As they grow into their teenage years, they look mostly annoyed. But as they get older, you can tell the annual tradition has grown to mean something to them too!

I absolutely love this idea! As you get older, you naturally become more independent of your parents and the rest of your parents. But this video proves that some family traditions are timeless and just as meaningful at 19 and 29 as they are at nine. And isn't cherishing those moments with loved ones what the holidays are all about?

Check out the full video below:

Image via YouTube

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