Boy's viral poem about his sister is so mean, but so hilarious

There is a very funny poem written by a second grader about his sister and how he felt about her that has gone viral. It is a very concise and well-written piece of verse. I'm not gonna lie though, it is mean. The thing is that it is also HILARIOUS and apparently the parents of the author think so too because they keep a framed copy of it proudly displayed on their wall even though the children in question are all grown up. Siblings get into fights, it's inevitable. I watch my daughters fight and it drives me bonkers and I do everthing in my power to stop them. I certainly don't celebrate their moments of animosity, but maybe if they wrote awesome little poems with very funny accompanying illustrations I might. I mean, come check this out and tell me it is not beyond clever for a second grader.


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It's a great little poem. If one of my kids had come up with it, I would certainly laugh my ass off. I might wait a while until I framed it and put it up on the wall for fear that I was encouraging sibling-bashing, but eventually it would have to become a keepsake.

Apparently, this poem was written to be included in a poetry book that was put out by the student's elementary school every year as part of a fundraiser. Now, all of the poems submitted by students included an illustration, but not all of the illustrations made it into the finished book. This one did because--well, come on, look at it! It just goes so well with the sentiment behind the writing. Too funny! I hope brother and sister get along much better now that they are all grown and have both been hopefull kicked out of their parents' house.

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