Man, you have no idea how dangerous your home is until you have kids. I mean things that you use every day become terrifying once children are added to the mix. Some things are totally obvious, like all those cleaners you keep under the sink. You certainly don't want your kids to get into those, but then there are other not so obvious things or maybe just items you forgot about and are within you little's grasp.

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All I have to do is look around my home quickly to come up with six everyday household items that become terrifying once you have kids. Make sure you keep an eye on these things so they don't turn your home into a house of horrors.

Windows 1


Image via MemaNH/Flickr

That window with the view you love so much. You better childproof it ASAP. Having a screen on it is not enough to keep your kids from falling out of it.


Cords 2

Cords are strangulation hazards. Cords on curtains, blinds, or electronics are dangerous.


Toilets 3

Toilets are yucky and kids seem to be drawn to them. It only takes an inch of water for a child to drown.

Outlets 4


Image via Sixth Lie/Flickr

Outlets are right at baby level and babies and toddlers seem to be drawn to them and want to stick things in them. Even when you cover them, they try to get the covers off. Sigh.


Big Screen TVs 5

Big Screen TVs

Image via eoshea/Flickr

These big screen, flat, skinny TVs that so many of us have can so easily fall on a child.

Anything that fits 6

Anything that fits

Image via Jessia Hime/Flickr

Anything and I mean ANYTHING that fits through the hole of an empty toilet paper roll is a chocking hazard. That includes toys, batteries, barrets, buttons, you name it. Until you are fairly certain that your child will not stick these things in their mouth, you best be careful.