Jessica Alba struggles with disciplining her daughters just like we do!

I had no idea that Jessica Alba and I have so much in common. Let's see: We're both Latina, she has beautiful skin and I have skin, we are both mothers to two girls, our daughters are the same age, and we are both learning how to discipline.

In a recent interview, Alba described the sibling mayhem that goes on in her home. Typical 5 and 2-year-old sibling rivalry: grabbing stuff out of each other's hands, destroying each other's creations. We even discipline our daughters similarly!


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For now she gives them a sort of time out by saying, "Stand in the corner and put your nose against the wall." I feel you Alba, I do. That's kind of how I discipline my girls too. I would also like to give you some advice on how NOT to discipline your girls. I'm not saying I've tried any of these methods, but I'm not saying I haven't. I will say, that none of them are a good disciplining tactic.

  • If either or both of your daughters are throwing a tantrum in public, do not throw yourself on the ground and out-tantrum them. You will only call attention to yourself and fans will stop you mid-tantrum to get an autograph.

  • If your daughters are repeating the same thing over and over to the point that you think you might just go crazy, do not stick your fingers in your ear and chant, "I can't hear you!"

  • If you are driving your daughters somewhere and they insist on distracting you, do not take your hands off the wheel, close your eyes, and tell them you won't drive the right way until they stop.

Parenting is hard and obviously Jessica and I both get that. One more thing we have in common is her explanation of what she wants for her children. Alba says, "Every day I just want them to be happy and good and thoughtful. I just want them to be nice people." I couldn't agree more!

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