MUST WATCH video shows us what our kids REALLY think of us

If you are a mother and have a heart or even if you just know a mother, you have to watch this oh so amazing video. It is so simple and yet so perfect. I consider it a love letter to all mothers. As mothers we can be so hard on ourselves. We will focus on our shortcomings, on our perceived failings, but never speak to our strengths or take a moment to celebrate everything we are doing right as a parent. This video is for every mother out there who has ever doubted her skills as a parent, who has ever wondered what kind of memories she is creating for her children, who has ever beat herself up for simply being human. Go get a tissue, then come right back!


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The video is simple and reminds me of the video put out by Dove awhile ago asking women to describe what they look like only this one asks women to describe themselves as mothers. Not surprisingly the mothers pick themselves apart and bring up their lack of patience or struggles with their temper. Their faces show the weight of their guilt.

Then the women are asked to come back later and watch video of what their children actually think about them ... and guess what? Those children love their mothers in a way that is truly astounding. I would quote these kids, but I think you should hear it directly from their mouths and KNOW that your kids love you that much too and think such great things about you too.

A New Perspective For Moms from Elevation Church on Vimeo.

Image via Vimeo

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