Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead, as it's called in English, is one of my favorite Latino celebrations. I love the idea of celebrating those who are no longer with us. Dia de Muertos gives me the opportunity to talk to my kids about death in a way that's not super sad or scary and it allows me to teach them even more about my beloved father, who left us way before they were born. 

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If you've never celebrated it or you're looking for ways to do so with your kids, we've put together the following ideas:

Read a book 1

Read a book

Image via Amazon.com

There's not a ton of children's books out there about Dia de Muertos, but this one is certainly a favorite. A cute little story told from the unexpected point of a view of those who are celebrated: the dead. 


Make an altar 2

Make an altar

Image via SpanglishBaby.com

So many ways to make an altar for Day of the Dead and you can make them as elaborate or as simple as you want. But I truly like these mini altars made of shoeboxes and/or matchboxes because I think they're perfect for little kids. Get the step-by-step instructions on SpanglishBaby.com.


Make a craft 3

Make a craft

Image via Pinterest

Making papel picado is a great craft you can work on with your kids. Use it to decorate your altar or your house and have lots of fun while you're doing it. If your kids are anything like mine, they'll love being told to cut away! 

Color a book 4

Color a book

Image via SpanglishBaby.com

Download this super cute coloring book and take the opportunity to talk to your kids about this beautiful celebration of life--even though it's called Day of the Dead!