Parents bust daughters having house party & call the cops

It seems like parents who leave their two teenage daughters home alone for the weekend are just asking for trouble ... and that's exactly what one Connecticut mom and dad recently got!

In a scene straight out of a bad teen movie, two sisters, ages 15 and 16, took advantage of their empty house and lack of supervision by throwing three back-to-back parties--one for every night of the weekend. They were in the middle of the one on Sunday when their parents came home early and were (predictably) none too pleased to see what was going on.


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But instead of just kicking everyone out and grounding their kids like some other parents would've done, this couple decided to take things one step further--they called the cops! That's right ... they called the cops on their own daughters and had them bust in at their house. Talk about tough love!

Though some underage guests ran off before the cops could bust them, the siblings were both charged for permitting a minor to possess alcohol.

So did these parents go too far in calling the cops? Personally, I think it was the right move on their part. Kids need to realize that there are consequences to their behavior and getting their phone or laptop taken away (or something of the like) sometimes just isn't enough to drill that lesson into their heads. I'm sure those girls were pretty scared when they saw the cops and realized they were busted--and that's exactly why they won't ever do it again!

Kudos to that couple for being responsible and putting their foot down. This world could use some more parents like them!

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