Creating a life and bringing it safely into this world is truly miraculous and it should definitely be celebrated and appreciated. But let's be honest: Motherhood isn't all butterflies and unicorns, especially when you are doing it for the first time and don't have much experience to rely on. So what exactly might have you second-guessing your fitness for motherhood? Check out our list of pull-your-hair out, guilt-inducing and sometimes just plain nasty things you'll have to deal with as a parent. Don't worry, I'll start out easy on you...


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Blowouts. My son was just a few weeks old when we experienced his first drippy, gooey, up-the-back poop. We were at a family barbecue and he was napping in his carseat when I noticed. And of course, the poop managed to find every crevice in that seat. Oh yeah, and we didn't have a change of clothes for him. I yelled to my husband "I need back up!" and next thing you know, we along with a cousin were crammed into a tiny bathroom spraying poop off of our newborn's tiny body. Then attempting to clean the resulting splatter from the shower walls. Yeah, fun times.

Breastfeeding woes. For most first-time moms, learning how to breastfeed is somewhat stressful (and yes, it is a learned skill). In addition to the possibility of physical issues such as engorgment, flat nipples, a bad latch, cracking and bleeding, or even infections, you're likely worry about supply and whether your baby is actually getting enough milk to sustain him, which believe me, can lead to frequent emotional meltdowns. But in the end, the toughest phase will pass in a few weeks, and your confidence will build. Just know going into it, that you will like have to overcome a few hurdles.

Post-partum depression and anxiety. These are VERY real issues that can greatly affect your quality of life after your little one is born. While the degree of either can vary greatly, if you're feeling more than just a little weepy and overwhelmed (which is totally normal), you should look for signs including feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, loss of appetite, a general disinterest in life or your baby and/or a desire to hurt yourself or your baby. If you experience any of these, seek help IMMEDIATELY. Always remember, it is in no way your fault.

Vomit. I'm not just talking milky spit-up here, I'm talking real vomit. The kind you get once your kiddo has started real table foods, the kind you might spend two days picking out of your hair (I'm not ashamed to admit this actually happened to me), the kind that wreaks so bad you have to do everything in your power not to hurl yourself. This stuff happens when you least expect it, so always be prepared!

Tantrums. My son is only a year-and-a-half and I can't even count how many temper tantrums I've already dealt with. Honestly, he is an angel most of the time, but when he melts down, he realy melts down, and will exhibit the kind of soul-crushing whining, screaming, limb-flailing behavior that only your worst nightmares are made of. Be warned, because it will not just make you feel like an utter failure as a mother, but more like an extra in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. No joke, ladies. No joke.

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