Porn star writes brutally honest letter to her unborn son

Aurora Snow had no interest in being a mom. That's why she agreed to pretty much anything when it came to the adult films she starred in during decade-long career as a porn actress. And then, the unimaginable happened. Her brother had an accident that left him quadriplegic, which meant Aurora had to help take care of her nephews. As it often happens, she soon fell in love with the idea of having children of her own and quickly realized that, in this day and age, she'd have a pretty hard time hiding her career as a prolific porn star.

Since she's due in a couple of months, the mom-to-be chose to write a heartfelt letter to her unborn son explaining her career choice and giving him some sound advice.


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As I write this, you haven't yet entered the world, not due to be born until mid-December. By the time you read this you will be old enough to browse the Internet, old enough to like girls, and old enough to know the name "Aurora Snow." I've dreaded this day for many years now and my hope is that you find this article before accidentally stumbling upon any pictures or videos that show your mom in a way she never intended for you to see. Let me explain.

Aurora's letter was published on The Daily Beast last week and I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must have been to write it. Regardless of how you feel about pornography, I think it's a letter worth reading, if only because it so strongly makes the point that we must all think about the potential consequences of our actions/decisions--something most young people have a very hard time understanding.

Besides confessing that she got into the porn world to pay for her college education, Aurora tells her son that she hopes he reads the letter way before he sees her in one of the hundreds of adult films she starred in during her career.

I can honestly say that I approached adult filmmaking as a job, and, like any job I've ever had, I felt it important to do my best. Sometimes doing my job well meant doing pretty gross things. Hopefully you never see that stuff.

Can you imagine having to write a letter like that? ¡Me muero! But I must say I think she's pretty brave to have done so. We've all made our share of mistakes, things that we're not proud of and would be embarrassed if our kids found out. 

The choices we make can change our path forever in a way we might not understand at the time. I made choices that took me down a path that many people frown upon. Despite what I thought then, these are choices I am now explaining to my own child. It all comes down to choices. If I'd known I'd one day change my mind and want a family of my own, I would have made completely different choices. 

That's why I'm with Aurora when she advises her unborn son to "Always ask yourself: Can I live with that?"

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