Evil Kris Jenner look-a-like STEALS ball from little girl (VIDEO)

A video getting a lot of play on YouTube has got people's panties in a bunch. It's not even something that happened recently and it is entitled, Evil woman steals ball from little girl. The video shows a woman, who resembles Kris Jenner, snatching a foul ball that was thrown to a little girl by Arizona Diamondback Juan Miranda at Houston's Minute Maid field in 2011. Everyone--and I mean EVERYONE--who sees the video cannot believe the lady snatched the ball from the little girl. I say, What's the big deal?! That little girl is not even that little.


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The woman had just as much of a right to the ball as the little girl did and sure Juan Miranda threw the ball to the little girl, but I'm sure the ball didn't have her name on it. That Kris Jenner-look-a-like wanted the ball and she went for it, when it bounced and the little girl caught it, the woman snatched it from her. If that little girl wanted it so badly she should have done a better job of holding on to it.

What, now we're supposed to give special treatment to someone because of their age? Sheesh, if you are old enough to be at a game, then you should be old enough to know how to play.

Not to mention everyone felt so bad for the kid that another ball was sent to her anyway. Must be nice to get your way just because of your age. I'm sure if that Kris Jenner-look-a-like had not gotten the ball no one would have felt sorry for her and I can pretty much guarantee no one would have sent her another ball to make her feel better.

You can check out the video for yourself and see what I'm talking about. Oh, and before you leave me a NASTY comment, please know that I'm KIDDING!!!

Image via YouTube

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