When I became a mother I didn't particularly think about the fact that I was a mamá Latina. I was just overwhelmed by the whole being a mother thing. Now that I've gotten more accustomed, it has however become pretty undeniable that I am indeed a mamá Latina. To begin with, I really prefer that my kids call me mami or mamá as opposed to mommy or mama. It just seems to fit me better.


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So how do you know if you are a mamá Latina? There are all kinds of signs and you certainly don't have to be a walking cliché, but there are just things that you can't deny are cultural.

I asked a few moms to help me out and finish the sentence, "You know you are a mamá Latina when..." and these are some of the answers I got.

  • You go to Costco and wish that they had a ginormous size tub of Vicks VapoRub
  • You use your chanclas as disciplinary tools
  • Abuela lives with you
  • The only time during the day when your kids are not allowed to approach you is when your telenovela is on
  • You never let your kids leave the house without a sweater even if you live in a place that is hotter than hell
  • As soon as your kid gets hurt you bust out with "sana, sana, colita de rana"
  • If you are in the kitchen, you know a cuchara de palo isn't just for cooking and so do your kids
  • If you have a girl, you get her ears pierced BEFORE you leave the hospital
  • You teach your kids NEVER to leave the house with wet hair because they could get sick
  • There is nothing that a cup of té de manzanilla won't make better

Tell me I'm not the only one who identifies with a bunch of these traits.

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