I love Halloween. You get to dress up in your favorite slutty costume and beg for candy. As an adult, you don't really get to go door to door anymore without seeming kind of creepy in an un-Halloweeny sort of way, but if you have kids that are young enough you can get back in the game and walk around with them or you can party in costume at home or at someone else's shinding.

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If you are going as a family to a Halloween event, it's kind of fun to do the whole family costume thing. Pick a theme and let the whole family get in on it. Need inspiration? Here's a roundup of great family costume ideas to get you thinking of a group costume.

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Day of the Dead 1

Day of the Dead

Image via fezdaddy/Imagur

I love this costume idea because it is perfect for the bicultural family that celebrates both Halloween and Día de los Muertos.


Batman 2


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Oh sure, Batman seems like a loner, but he's got a whole posse of characters he can hang with and I'm not joking, but The Joker is!


Mario Brothers 3

Mario Brothers

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Well obviously Mario Brothers are a perfect fit for a family costume idea.

Flintstones 4


Image via Hoogeb/Imgur

As a reddit user brought to my attention, I'm pretty sure Fred didn't wear shorts under his loin-dress, but this is still a great idea.


Captain Hook and... 5

Look at the muscles on ... wait! Is Captain Hook dressed up as Neil Patrick Harris?!


Star Wars 6

Star Wars

Image via chipbody/Imgur

Star Wars will always be an intergenerational classic.


Concessions 7


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This adorable family should get to go to the movies for free if they show up in these cute costumes. Although most theaters won't let you bring in outside food or drinks.