Here is why we all want to eat super cute babies!

Okay, I can't tell you how many times I've been around a baby and just wanted to gobble them up. Babies smell good enough to eat. I mean, this happened to me even before I was a mother or even before I thought I would ever want to be a mother. I'd see a baby's foot and just want to shove it in my mouth. I can honestly say I've never had the desire to do that to a grown person. Turns out that there is a scientific reason why babies seem so delicious even though we would NEVER actually eat them.


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Research presented in a paper in Frontiers in Psychology shared results of a study conducted on two sets of 15 women, one set with kids and one set without. It turns out that baby smells trigger reactions in women's brain reward circuits, kind of like food does. Women with kids appear to be more affected, but women in general dig the baby smell. Who knows how men feel since they weren't included in this study?

The researchers think that this activation in women's reward circuits is meant to help women bond with and protect babies, not to actually make women want to eat babies.

The funny thing is that if I think about it, I've only ever heard women say that they want to gobble up a baby, I've never heard anything like that come out of a man's mouth so it makes me wonder if men are affected differently by the delicious smell of a baby.

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