WATCH this father & daughter duet, just because it's simply amazing (VIDEO)

Sometimes children can't sleep because they think they hear things even if there is nothing to be heard. A good thing to do in such cases is to try and get their minds off of whatever it is that is bothering them. You can try reading to them or perhaps you can use the strategy that Benjamin Aimes used with his 4-year-old daughter Adelaide when she was frightened by the phantom fireworks she kept thinking she heard.


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Benjamin pulled out his ukulele and got his daughter to sing "Tonight You Belong to Me" with him. Obviously, they have performed this duet together before and he may even have videos of them doing this duet before, but what makes this video special is that Adelaide interrupts the singing whenever she thinks she hears fireworks and then after a pause they go right back into it. The results are sweet, funny, and downright adorable. It's so well put together and the two take each other's cues so well that it's hard to believe this wasn't a professionally produced video. These two should really consider taking their show on the road because they are just magic together.

This video is going to be a treasure that Adelaide will cherish for the rest of her life. She's got a great dad and he's got an adorable daughter. Watch the video and be inspired by this father-daughter relationship.

Image via YouTube

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