Mom SHOCKED to see her baby born with 2 full-grown TEETH & I would be too!

When Vicki Griffiths realized her baby was born with two full-grown teeth, she could not believe what she was seeing! I've would've freaked out too, but apparently, once in a while, it does happen. I don't want to be rude or anything, but a newborn baby with full-grown teeth is not a normal sight. I guess it's so unnatural that it just look super strange. 


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The 26-year-old mom of three says she had every intention of breastfeeding her little baby girl Eva, but she changed her mind quickly after her husband made the unusual discovery. And who can blame her? I know you can continue nursing your baby after the first teeth come in and it doesn't always have to be painful. But this is a completely different story because Eva has never breastfed, so she has no idea how any of it works--including her two teeth!

With only one in every 2,000 to 3,000 newborns born with teeth, it's obviously not a super common occurrence, but it does not mean there's something wrong with your baby. The only issues--besides breastfeeding--are that the baby can cut his tongue or choke on the tooth if it becomes loose. That's because these type of teeth don't have strong roots. Doctors usually remove these natal teeth, but Eva's pediatrician decided they were stable enough to stay in.

Since Griffiths has decided not to breastfeed and her baby's teeth don't seem to pose any dangers, the only thing the mom's worried about is that she'll keep getting new teeth early on and she won't be enough to be given any pain medication. ¡Qué locura! 

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