Single mom's crazy decal on car is SO unnecessary

I've always thought those stickers meant to represent the members of your family on the back of your car were pretty lame, but to each his own, right? And then, I saw the photo to the left and I almost died ... laughing! So, apparently, this very busy single mom of five has deemed it necessary to let the entire world know that her partner is behind bars! 

Why would she do something like this?


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The photo of the crazy decal was posted to Imgur last week by user shannonbtweet and the comments starting pouring in immediately. Some were funny making references to the kinds of car decals they wish they had. But others were outright nasty with talk about how the woman depicted in the sticker was probably living off welfare and milking the system to support her many children. How ridiculous!

There's no way we can know the exact details of a person's life from just looking at her car decal, but I guess this single mom is putting herself out there by sharing way too much personal information. I can't help but wonder what'll happen when her kids get a little bit older and they start asking about the sticker of the jailed man.

Either way, I would've taken a picture of the decal if I'd seen it on the back of a car too because, no matter what your take is, you must admit it''s pretty ridiculous. I mean, where does one even go to get a sticker like that?

Image via Imgur

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